Marble is The Gambia’s first ever election app designed to ease access to election information. It was introduced by Gambia Participates in partnership with the electoral body of The Gambia to give users timely election results. Marble allows you to access past and current election results, your candidates, parties, constituents, wards and polling stations.

First Ever Election App

 In this modern day era, the world is going through a technological transformation and young Gambians are making sure that The Gambia is not left out of the equation. Gambia Participates, a civil society organization that aims at promoting voter education and civic engagement by giving access to relevant election related information launched  the First ever Election App  on the 8th of May, 2018 aimed at educating voters on electoral processes and enlightening them of the candidates and their policy promises.

As every patriotic citizen needs to be informed and participate in the electoral process of his/her country, Gambia Participates in partnership with the Independent Electoral Commission of The Gambia with funding from the International Republican Institute (IRI) through the US Embassy Banjul, is making sure that everyone, despite your geographic location, receives live and credible information regarding election results. This application is meant to inform Gambians, both home and abroad about the electoral process of The Gambia which includes presidential, mayoral and legislative elections, political parties, candidates, results, constituencies and polling stations.

Download “Marble Gambia” App from Google Playstore

As at now, you can download the app from the Google Playstore by simply searching “Marble Gambia” or following this link Download the app now and be informed about the electoral process of The Gambia.