About Us

Gambia Participates is a youth-led civil society organization that focuses on enhancing transparency and accountability in the public sector. We are work in the area of Anti-corruption, fighting against corruption in The Gambia by leveraging modern digital tools and other methods to track the expenditures of the government, and to engage people on these expenditures.

At Gambia Participates, we believe that each and every citizen should know how they are being governed and that they have the right to take part in the decision-making processes of their country. We, therefore, help Gambians know and understand important state affairs, often by simplifying relevant information and bringing it closer to the people so that they can actively participate.

Gambia Participates creates a lot of platforms in which citizens are sensitized about their rights towards the government and are given the chance to raise their concerns as well.

What We Do

Transparency and Accountability

We engage in fiscal transparency and government accountability.

Legislative Engagement

We work with the legislature in encouraging the enactment of good laws.


We work with government, and organizations to curb corruption.


We speak and amplify people’s voices on pertinent issues.

Access to Information

We push for both the availability of and access to information for the public good.

Civic Education and Engagement

We enlighten people on their rights, and the responsibilities of their elected officials and government.


We investigate issues and work with stakeholders to find solutions.

Election Observation

We observe elections to foster credible elections and help improve the election process.

Our Blog

54.4 Million Loan Scheme

Whiles the Gambia continues to grapple with the aftermath of the havoc of the Covid 19 pandemic on its shrinking economy which suffered a huge loss of estimated revenue of about 2billion dalasi coupled with

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Citizens’ Audit Report Launched

On March 31st, 2021, the National Audit Office launched its first Summarized Audit Report (Citizens Audit Report) to promote accessibility and to ease understanding of its annual reports on the accounts of the Government of

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Opportunities & Updates

This Participatory Video, produced by the people of Kafuta, in the West Coast Region of The Gambia looks into the contentious issue of land grabbing which has plagued them for the past 14 years or so. It highlights the stories of residents of Kafuta, who as a community had suffered from the occupation of a vast area of their farmlands by The Karafi Group, denying them access to utilize it for their farming activities, which is the main economic activity of the community.

This Participatory Video, produced by the people of Lamin, Makumbaya, and Mandinari, in the West Coast Region of The Gambia looks into the contentious issue of land grabbing. It captures the ordeal of land owners from three communities, regarding the forceful seize and sale of their lands by one Lamin Jarju, a resident of Babylon who has claimed ownership of and chieftaincy over the said farmlands.


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