6TH Legislative Swearing in Ceremony

On April 9th 2022, the Gambia took to the polls to elect a new democratic Legislature for 53 electorally registered constituencies in the Gambia to usher in its 6th Legislative body since 2017. The outcome of this election was a manifestation of the will and the voice of the entire citizenry and constituents of respective constituencies alike. With this newly found legislative body, Gambians have made informative decisions in electing individuals that would fervently represent their interest and fight their course in the legislative house. This is again a clear manifestation that the citizenry for the next 5 years committed the mantle of representation in the hands of a few genuine and trusted person who are expected to deliver without fear or favor, affection nor ill will as prescribed in the oath of allegiance.

The parliamentary elections have witnessed the election of new parliamentary representatives from different constituencies and the reelection of certain parliamentarians from the previous legislature. Out of the 53 contested constituencies, 9 National Assembly Members were retained by their respective constituencies and 44 new National Assembly were voted in by their constituencies making a mark as their first appearance in the legislature.

The National Assembly composition consist of 58 members, 53 are duly elected by their respective constituencies whiles the remaining five (5) are nominated by the President, a discretionary power and responsibilities conferred on him by as may be prescribed under an Act of National Assembly section 76 (2) of the 1997 Constitution and this includes nominating 5 representatives. In all the five nominees, the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker to the Parliament are selected amongst the 5 by the National Assembly members as stated in section 93 of the Constitution of the Gambia. However, the selection of these two key personalities is subjected to approval of the 53 duly elected members of the house.
On April 14th 2022, the 6th Legislative Body was duly sworn in to take the oath of allegiance in an open ceremony at the National Assembly Building in Banjul. The Chief Justice ascribed the taking of the oath of allegiance of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker respectively which was succeeded by the swearing in of the remaining 56 parliamentarians both elected and nominated by the Clerk of the National Assembly before the newly selected Speaker.

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