The National Assembly of The Gambia is the unicameral legislative body of the Gambia, responsible for making laws, holding the government accountable and representing people. It is responsible for making sure that the state operates in the best interest of the Gambia, by engaging government in all its activities and making sure that the country is being steered in a direction favorable to the socio-economic development of the country, and the overall upliftment of its people.

The National Assembly as an institution and the activities of the National Assembly are of public interest and as such are made available to inform people about the on goings in the institution.

The Anti-Corruption Bill

In the face of endemic and systematic corruption that continues to weaken the public sector and retard socio economic progress, the Ministry of Justice promulgated the Anti-Corruption Bill Since 2019 a legal framework intended to address the surging corruption in the Gambia. The Anti-Corruption Bill has undergone due parliamentary procedures vis a vis; First Reading, Second Reading, Committee Stage and currently awaits Consideration by parliament.

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