Know Your Budget

Open Budget, Participatory, Accountability

Know Your Budget is an initiative of Gambia Participates, a civil society organization in The Gambia that promotes fiscal transparency and accountability using community and digital approaches.

The national budget of The Gambia not easily comprehensive and accessible to average Gambians, Gambia Participates came up with the Know Your Budget initiative to simply the national budget and make it publicly available online. The rationale behind the initiative is to mobilize citizens around the budget in order to be informed and use data to lobby for citizens priority and hold the government accountable. The budget is one of the most significant document that a country has and it is best prepared if their is citizen participation. Know Your Budget seeks to facilitate platforms where constituents can directly engage with their National Assembly representatives around the budget for the budget to reflect the priorities of the citizens.

The Know Your Budget initiative which is supported by the US Embassy Banjul and the International Republican Institute (IRI) is not only limited to community engagement, but also government engagement in order to improve the budget process of The Gambia to be more participatory, transparent and accessible.

Empowering Citizens With Budget Information

Budget is Part of Life