Election Observer Application Form


DEADLINE: September 8th, 2021

Gambia Participates with support from the International Republican Institute (IRI) is implementing “Comprehensive and Systematic Observation of 2021 and 2022 Elections (CSO)”. The objectives of the project are to increase access to credible election information, observe and report on pre and post-election activities for both the 2021 and 2022 elections in The Gambia.

The project will recruit both Long Term Observers (LTOs) and Short-Term Observers (STOs) that will be responsible for monitoring and reporting election activities using Checklist provided by Gambia Participates. Observers will be trained on the observation methodology and the data collection tools. Long Term Observer include 12 Regional Focal Points (RFPs) and 53 Constituency Supervisors (CSs).

Gambia Participates encourages women, youth, Person with Disabilities (PWDs) to apply to become a Long-Term Election Observers for both the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections. Due to the competitive nature of the recruitment, preference will be given to those with experience with election observation. However, this must not stop first time observers to apply as they will receive adequate training on the observation methodology and tools.

Long Term Observers must meet the following requirement:

  1. Possess a valid Voter’s Card

  2. Understand and be able to write in English. In addition, LTOs must understand the native language of their region

  3. Be at least a High School graduate (preference will be given to applicants with tertiary education certificate)

  4. Have a working email and a smartphone

  5. Have a functional bank account/mobile money payment platform

  6. Understand the electoral boundaries of his/her area of residence as demarcated by the IEC

  7. RFP’s must be resident of his/her region and CSs must be a resident in his or her constituency
  8. RFPs must be committed to the project and be loyal to the project leadership

  9. RPFs must be available for the project. Attendance at training and deployment for the pre-election observation are non-negotiable.

  1. Ability to perform physical observation of election activities in his/her region (RFPs) or in Constituencies for Constituency Supervisors

  2. LTO’s must be politically neutral and not associated to any political party or independent candidate

  3. RFPs must have the ability to travel around their region and collect pre-election data and frequently engage the IEC regional office

  4. CSs must have the ability to travel within their constituency and collect data on pre-election activities.

  5. LTO’s should possess the ability to understand cross-cultural and political environments and provide sound and impartial judgments

  6. Abide by IEC’s Observation Code of Conduct

  7. Observers must be in good health condition

  8. Have tolerance for communities’ religion, culture, political commitments etc.