The Gambia Government Commitment Tracker is a platform developed to foster accountability and transparency using evidenced-based findings by keeping track of government projects and services, and reporting on them.

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Community Score Card on NAWEC’s
Water Service Delivery in Greater Banjul Area

NAWEC is a state-owned enterprise responsible for the distribution of water and electricity services throughout The Gambia. Due to its institutional weaknesses and lack of adequate capacity, it has not been able to meet the demands of its users, especially on water services. Gambia Participates considering the above identified problems launched a pilot project to conduct a rapid survey with the use of Community Score Card (CSC) to determine independent citizen perspective on access to quality and affordable water services.

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Community Score Cards

CSCs are important in collecting independent citizen data, and the data collected could be used by Civil Society Organizations to activate strategic fact-based advocacy to improve public service delivery and as well support governments in drafting public policies on.

It also helps government institutions and service providers to identify not only the symptom but the root cause of the problem and strategically allocate resources to addressing the problem and putting up mechanism to prevent its reoccurrence. Evidences from the CSC are crucial in convincing authorities that reforms are needed to improve service delivery within a specific area.

CSCs have now been tried and tested in many countries and have proven successful in improving public service delivery, citizen centric public policies and most importantly strengthening CSO – Government collaboration in development.

Research Workshops

Gambia Participates on 18th June 2021 convened a Stakeholder validation with the National Water & Electricity Company (NAWEC), Ministry of Petroleum & Energy, Member of Parliament and Deputy Chairman of the Public Enterprise Committee (PEC). Stakeholders had the opportunity to review and provide comments of the research findings.

On July 6th 2021, Gambia Participates facilitates a dissemination workshop with civil society to share the findings of the report and as well devise strategic advocacy strategies to change the narratives.


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