Follow The Money

Follow The Money is a Pan-African youth-led movement that seeks to advocate for the judicious usage of public funds, promote good governance and discourage public sector corruption. In an effort to frustrate the occurrence of corruption in governance and improve the living standards of rural communities, Gambia Participates in partnership with CODE launched Follow the Money Gambia Chapter in 2017.

How We Follow The Money

Follow The Money investigates and educates and most of all, we amplify the voices of the marginalized communities. We unite people, help to develop their communities, hold leaders accountable, and promote open governing systems and bring government to the people through town hall meetings with the community and the government agencies that are supposed to implement the projects.

We do this in series of stages as illustrated below:

Why We Do This?

Because corruption leads to lack of proper justice, lack of development, poor health and hygiene services and thus we all become vulnerable and scapegoats of the wrongdoings of our leaders. In order for Africa to develop, youth organizations MUST work towards corruption reduction – holding our leaders accountable and promoting transparent administrative system like what Follow The Money Gambia is doing. And we are committed to see a corruption free Gambia and we hope to achieve this through pushing for the Anti-Corruption Commission’s establishment.