Election TechCamp


TechCamps are hands-on, participant-driven workshops that create  platforms for young people to learn new skills from experts in the field of technology, advocacy, campaign building, leadership and election reporting. It is an opportunity for journalists, civil society organizations and activists — to explore and apply innovative tech solutions to elections in The Gambia.

In this spirit, Gambia Participates in partnership with the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is organizing a day long “Election TechCamp” to train young people, including CSOs, from the 7 regions of The Gambia on the new electoral process, election monitoring and reporting using digital tools, voter education and participation campaigns and community engagement strategies ahead of the 2021 Elections. The Election TechCamp will be an interactive and innovative experience, and skill sharing platform that leverages the power of technology to galvanize youth involvement in elections.


In 2016, prior to the historic presidential elections, Gambia Participates organized a mini Election TechCamp in The Gambia that has enlightened many young people, and a good number of them took the responsibility to sensitize their communities online and offline. In 2018, ahead of the Local Government Elections, Gambia Participates facilitated the training of about 100 participants countrywide to leverage on digital tools to spark civic interest on elections at the same time promoting election transparency and accountability.

Due to Covid-19, only 50 young people from around The Gambia will have the opportunity to be selected to participate in the 2021 Election TechCamp. Participants will be trained by experts in the technology field, Journalist, Elections Experts and Advocacy Planning Experts. During the Election TechCamp participants and trainers will work together in identifying problems surrounding elections in The Gambia and identify digital solutions to these problems.

Priority will be given to applicants who have not participated in the previous Election TechCamp organized by Gambia Participates.

Event Date: 6th March, 2021

Application Dateline: 14th February 2021 at 23:59

Venue: Metzy Residence Hotel

Inquiry: Contact us on (+220) 4380725 or info@gambiaparticipate.org