Marr Nyang To Speak At The World’s Biggest Anti-Corruption Conference

The International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) is the world’s global forum for bringing together heads of state, civil society, the private sector and more to tackle the increasingly challenges posed by corruption. Established in 1983, the IACC takes place usually every two years in a different region of the world, and hosts from 800 to 2000 participants from over 135 countries worldwide.

The IACC advances the anti-corruption agenda by raising awareness and stimulating debate. It fosters networking and the global exchange of experience that are indispensable for effective advocacy and action, on a global and national level. The conferences also promote international cooperation among government, civil society organizations, the private sector, and citizens by providing the opportunity for face-to-face dialogue and direct liaison between representatives from the agencies and organizations taking part.
This year, the event be hosted virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The 19th IACC will take place from the 1st to the 5th December 2020. This year’s IACC will be hosted by the Government of The Republic of Korea represented by the Anti-corruption & Civil Rights Commission (ACRC), and organized by the IACC Council and Transparency International, with the participation of TI Korea.

Over six days, more than 500 speakers will be participating and stimulating discussion under the theme, Designing 2030: Truth, Trust & Transparency, ensuring that the fight against corruption is at the center of the post-pandemic world. Our Executive Director, Marr Nyang, will be speaking at the IACC on 2nd December 2020 on the topic: Recovering after HYENA: Justice for Grand Corruption in The Gambia. Marr will be sharing how his organization, Gambia Participates collaborated with Transparency International to shed light on victims of grand corruption under Yaya Jammeh after OCCRP’s Great Gambia Heist. Gambia Participates in 2019 launched the Hyena documentary, a Participatory Video where victims of grand corruption shared their stories under Jammeh. The video has been featured and discussed in different local mainstream media. It has also helped the Truth Reconciliations, and Reparation Commission (TRRC) in its truth seeking process. TRRC invited both victims and adversely mentioned persons in the video to testify at the TRRC. The TRRC has since admitted the Hyena documentary as evidence.
Marr will be joined by Cornelia Abel, the Senior Project Manager of the Global Anti-Corruption Consortium (GACC) at Transparency International Secretariat, Khadija Sharife (Africa Editor OCCRP and Co-author of The Great Gambia Heist), Adam Foldes (Legal Advisor at Transparency International Secretariat) and Gaye Sowe the Executive Director of IHRDA.